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You Need Blinds, We Sell Blinds. Let's Work Together.



Become a Trade Member Today And Get Access to 1000's of Quality Blinds And Your Very Own Trade Discount Code.

Affordable. Fast. Reliable.

Including Wooden Venetians, Rollers, Verticals, Aluminium's and many more, just a click-away.

Lower Pricing
Minimum of 10% Trade Discount, Transparent Pricing & Free Shipping on Every Order.
Fast & Flexible
Order online, on-the-go, on-your-mobile – over 2,000 blinds to choose from.
Personalised Service
Your very own Account Manager & personal quoting service for bulk orders.
Endless Choice
Access to over 2,000 Products & Unlimited FREE Samples.
4 Year Guarantee
4 Year Product Guarantee & 5 Stars on Trustpilot.
Consistent Updates
Manage your current and previous orders, plus Live Tracked Delivery.

"We Used Make My Blinds Trade to Get Quality Blinds at Trade Prices. I Wouldn't Hesitate to Use Them For All of My Future Projects!"

Stuart | Property Developer,

Taupo Group Residential.

Getting Quality Blinds Couldn't be Easier...
Extensive Ranges.

Minimum 10% OFF Every Order When You Become a Trade Member!

(24hr Approval!)

Become a Trade Member!Apply Now!, Subway Building, Fourth Way, Avonmouth, BS11 8DL.
Make My Blinds Limited (Company Number  08003688441) is a company registered in England. 

Trade customers 08003688441 



You Need Blinds, We Sell Blinds. Lets Work Together.

Stuart | Property Developer

Taupo Group Residential.

Getting Quality Blinds Couldn't Be Easier...

Become a Trade Member!Apply Now!
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